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Physio Tokyo Fukumoto Japanese Holistic Clinic

About Our Therapy

Japanese Sensitivity and Harmony
Under the fine hands of a master

Human movement is categorized six basic types: side to side, back and forth, and left to right turns.
When human body or mind experiences an irregularity, it inevitably affects this basic human movement causing an imbalance which can be sensed as by a learn in ones center of gravity. When our center of gravity changes, we experience pain.For example, when you are over-stressed, you become nervous and your body gets tense. Also, when you get sick, you feel heavy, lethargic and lack motivation.

An imbalanced center of gravity can lead to nerve pain, orthopedic disease, mental discomfort, physical change in shape of the face and chin, reduced exercise performance, and even strain on the organs. Adjusting the imbalanced center of gravity and movements will treat all of the above.
Japanese Traditional Medicine(JTM) heals internal and external ailments by identifying and treating daily habits of moment, imbalance center of gravity and abnormalities in the every meridians of Eastern Medicine. JTM is distinguishes itself from other Eastern Traditional Medicines in that for each case, a small number of treatment points are carefully identified, as well for its delicate and pain free techniques.

JTM is based on herbal medicine, acupuncture and physical therapy. There is vast clinical evidence that supports JTM over many years. Traditional Japanese therapists waited on the Emperor through using martial arts and the principles of Yin and Yang (natural philosophy). JTM is deeply rooted in natural philosophy, treating our bodies from the perspective that we as humans are part of the natural system. It is different from Western medicine because the therapy is holistic: It treats the body, mind and spirit as well.


Orthopedic disease lower back pain knee pain chronic stiff neck ankle joint pain hip joint pain
shoulder joint pain intercostal neuralgia thoracic outlet syndrome straight neck pain in jaw
headache trigeminal neuralgia  chest pain  back pain temporomandibular joint derangement TMJ 
Internal disease feeling of malaise sudden deafness Meniere's disease feeling of fullness in the ear
tinnitus symptoms throat pain  dizziness facial palsy stomachache chronic gastritis
reflux esophagitis nasal obstruction feeling of malaise edema hydrops swelling diabetes mellitus thrombopenia excess white blood cells, decrease white blood cells
prostatic hypertrophy
Gynecological disease menstrual cramps premenstrual syndrome tumor of fallopian tube tubal obstruction
fibroid infertility
Other after operation adhesion bowel atresia tumor  intractable diseases etc.

Our therapy could help other disease that I listed above. Feel free to ask.

Post-therapy precaution

If it is your first time undergoing therapy or if it has been a long time since your last visit, you might experience fatigue or sleepiness after your treatment. These are part of the change for the better. It should not be a concern. Just make sure relax your body gets the rest it requires. For 60mins after therapy avoid the use of mobile phones as well as reading books or the newspaper. Wait at least 60mins after therapy before eating meals or drinking flavored soft drinks. Wait 4 to 5hours after therapy before taking a bath.
The therapy relies on stimulation penetrating the inside of the body over time, causing blood to gather at the point needing stimulation. Eating food or taking a bath can interfere with these effects. If you receive therapy, we strongly recommend allowing your body to relax for the rest of the day.